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Volume II, 2002

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A new apparatus for mixing sample and reagent in flow injection analysis is described. The continuously variable volume reactor (CVVR) replaces the conventional mixing coil in a flow injection manifold to provide mixing and dilution. A linear actuator motor allows control of the chamber volume via Lab VIEW software. The chamber volume can be incremented in steps of 1 uL over the range 68-1704 uL. In addition, the chamber has an integral variable-speed stirring unit that is also under computer control. Experiments were performed to evaluate the dispersion characteristics of this new device, evaluate the volume reproducibility, and understand the mixing characteristics. Use of the chamber is shown in the determination of iron (II) in pond water, and in NIST SRM 1643d with excellent results and a detection limit of 3.7 ug/L iron(II). Advantages of the CVVR and future research activities using the device are discussed.


Reprinted with permission from Analytica Chimica Acta 455 (2002): 287-304.