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PICM research deals with the development of sensor arrays for determining the presence and concentration of specific analytes (chemical to be sensed) in solution. The studies described here are preliminary investigations using one analyte per sensor to develop a database of information (i.e. photo-voltages at specified concentrations, selectivity, and other patters that could follow from the experimental data). The purpose of using one sensor at a time to test one analyte at a time is to develop the database and thus the knowledge to produce successful sensor arrays or even a small, portable sensor in the future. The goal of the studies described here is to do preliminary studies on PICM sensor responses and selectivity. A future application of this research would be for selective sensor arrays to detect metal ions, other elements and compounds from water and soil samples. Detecting toxins in the environment, or even detecting toxins possibly used in terrorism can also be direct applications of future PICM research.

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