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Despite growing knowledge and education about various groups of people, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination remain in present society (Fiske, 1998). It is unacceptable for people to openly show dislike or favoritism toward various groups of people due to an emphasis on being politically correct in America today (Voils, Ashburn-Nardo, & Monteith, 2002). Most people today have direct contact with other diverse groups of people. People who have exposure to other diverse groups of people tend to view these other diverse groups of people at the very least as human beings with equal basic legal rights (Shelton & Richeson, 2005). People have established laws to ban discrimination against certain groups of people such as African Americans, women, and people with disabilities ( However, even with increased exposure and education to other diverse groups of people, some of these groups of people (i.e., homosexuals, people with mental disabilities, and the elderly) still experience stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination (Shelton & Richeson, 2005).