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Male mosquitoes lack the ability to transfer arboviruses to vertebrates by bite, but they may be able to amplify such virus by alternative mechanisms. One possible scheme for male-involved amplification is male infection with virus by feeding on infected Florida nectars followed by inoculation of female mosquitoes via venereal transmission. In order to determine the ability of orallyinfected male mosquitoes to transmit Sindbis virus, virus viability was measured in various nectar solutions. Virus survived under insectary conditions in nectar solutions that varied from pH 5.2 - 7.4 and osmolarity that ranged from 285 - 647 mmol/kg. Virus survived in these nectars for at least 7 days and titer was sustained for at least 24 hours. We have demonstrated that Sindbis virus can survive in solutions other than blood and buffered cell culture media. Preliminary research on the tolerance of Sindbis virus to tangerine, strawberry and white mangrove nectars has been investigated and venereal transfer studies are planned.


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Male Ae. Aegypti in Virus Amplification
Male Mosquitoes: Involvement in Arbovirus Cycling

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