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Volume III, 2003

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The persistent captive life cycle of a virus infected mosquito was examined. The model system used was Aedes albopictus and the Alphavirus, Sindbis virus. The adult life span of virus infected Ae. albopictus was compared to the life span of virus free Ae. albopictus. Intrathoracic inoculation was the method used to infect the experimental group of the adult female Ae. albopictus with Sindbis virus. This experimental data demonstrates that this virus does not hamper the mosquito life span. The results from this experiment can be used in future experiments, such as examining the immune system of the mosquito and its responses or protection strategies against the Sindbis virus. This virus serves as a model for more virulent Alphaviruses, such as Eastern Equine Encephalitis that can cause serious and fatal diseases. Additionally, Ae. albopictus in this experiment can serve as a model for other species of mosquitoes infected with the virus.

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