Faculty Mentor

Sarah Mattice, PhD, Associate Professor

Faculty Mentor Department

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Associated Prize (or Other Information)

This paper was a co-winner of the Philosophy Program's 2019-2020 Paper Prize.


This essay seeks to provide a space to argue for music as both a process and memory as a counter to Nelson Goodman who argues for score as the fundamental means of identifying a piece of music. This paper builds off the work done by So Jeong Park in her piece, ‘Sound and Notation: Comparative Study on Musical Ontology’ in which she outlines an argument for calling attention to thinking about music as experienced over focusing on Platonic forms. She specifically focuses on the question, “what is music?'' rather than “what is a musical score”? Her question was intended to contrast with Nelson Goodman’s view of placing fundamental importance on the score of a musical work rather than any one instance of a musical performance.