Article Title

I Bloomed in the Dark

Faculty Mentor

Sheila Goloborotko, M.F.A. and Andrew Kozlowski, M.F.A.

Faculty Mentor Department

Department of Art, Art History and Design


We come from different places and different backgrounds. Our lives are a constant trial and error. Our past lives on and makes us bloom into the people that we are today. I want to share my story to create a safe place to talk about our trajectories. In a place of darkness and sadness that I sat in for so long, a bright light and a flower grew through it all within me. I have been bullied, abused, and sexually assaulted. I take that as not a place of weakness but a place of strength. I stand strong to be a voice to those who have been through the rough facets of this world. I am here to say that the light will always be brighter. I present my pain and vulnerability for everyone to see it. I want to feel connected and be a role model for those fighting every day to keep their heads up. There is so much space for growth within every individual, and as a survivor myself, I know my hand will always be open to help those who need it.