Artist Statement

Meditations is the second piece in my Meditations Series. I was introduced to meditative or “automatic” drawings in my Drawing II class with Professor McGalliard at the University of North Florida. What resonates so much with me about meditative drawing is the complete freedom in creating art that comes naturally to the movement of a body, the practice of mindfulness, and being in the present. There should be no plan, no thought, no calculations, and no rules when it comes to meditative drawing. It is purely expressive mark-making and therapeutic to the artist’s mind, which often gets tied up in the skill and technique of their artwork. I connected greatly to the process of meditative drawing while using charcoal as my medium. I found charcoal to be very fluid in the motions of application, and I can express all kinds of emotions depending on how I apply the charcoal. As someone who battles anxiety and chronic health conditions, meditative drawing is more than a brief escape from the affliction of reality- it is also deeply healing for the mind and body.