Article Title

Scrubbing Off the Grime


Artist Statement

This piece is centered around isolation and caring for one’s inner child. The inner child is someone each of us has, and it is our job as the adult, to look after, keep safe, and protect this child. Growing up as an Asian American in the southern region of the United States, I felt an immense amount of isolation and lack of belonging. From a young age I felt alone, weird, strange, and out of place. I knew I looked different than most of my classmates, I knew my packed lunch was different, and I knew my last name was long and difficult to pronounce. All these factors contributed to a hyper awareness of myself. Over time I used this feeling of isolation as one of my greatest gifts, finding joy in my own company and using independence as a mode of aggressively caring for myself. The scene created uses fast and immediate brush stokes to capture the sense of aggression I feel at times from being independent. The rubber duckie’s direct eye contact with the viewer challenges their gaze as a reminder to look after your inner child, mine often feels afraid and scared-- and being in the bath, gives a sense of calm and ease to nurture and sooth all parts of myself.