Faculty Mentor

Dr. David Hoppey, Associate Professor

Faculty Mentor Department

College of Education: Exceptional Students Education

Associated Prize (or Other Information)

Research Presented at National Association for Professional Development Schools (NAPDS) Conference


Students in varying educational settings are supplied with varying levels of academic support. While it is well known that academic supports assist students in learning academic content, visual supports are proven to improve and develop academic language and improve academic proficiency. Visual supports assist students in becoming more knowledgeable of academic content by increasing student engagement and the implementation of classroom structure. The overall focus of this research project was to determine the effectiveness of visual academic supports within primary education, specifically the behavioral and academic impacts of visual aids in a Communication and Social Skills (CSS) classroom at Willow Grove Elementary School within the Duval County School District. The preliminary conclusions of the study are that the visual supports made more consistent academic impacts than behavioral impacts on the students observed.