Faculty Mentor

Lance Vickery, Associate Professor

Faculty Mentor Department

Art, Art History and Design


Artist Statement

“Burning Through the Shell” embodies the process of freeing myself from my inner turmoil. By pouring molten iron into a wooden trough, the iron burns and scorches its way through the wooden exterior, leaving behind only the remnants as it cools and frees itself from its temporary shell. This destructive yet creative act represents shedding my shell of social anxiety and insecurity, emerging stronger and more resilient. Throughout my life, I have always struggled with “coming out of my shell” and dealing with my mental health in a positive way. However, once I discovered my passion for sculpture and iron casting, I realized I had found an outlet to express what I otherwise could not put into words. I had found comfort in the process, allowing me to begin down a path of self-expression and mental well-being. It is my hope that this sculpture resonates with viewers, igniting a dialogue on the transformative power of confronting and transcending our inner barriers.