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Publication Date

Spring 1986


Table of Contents for this Volume:

Success by Shatney

Maria by Jane O’Neal

Intrusions by Mark McBride

The Mystery of the Back Porch Light by Nature Johnston

Truth and the Violin by Shatney

Corporate America by Julie Crowell

Pete’s Cafe by Nature Johnston

Geranium by Anne Benjamin

The Man Who Buried His Books by William Slaughter

Erasures by William Slaughter

Mind You and other poems by Kate Mathews

Coffee in the Tea Room by Kathleen O’Brien

The Children by Katharine Rodier

Sisters, Reclamation, Not Wanting to Say, “I Told You So,” But… by Kathleen O’Brien

Genetics by Kathleen O’Brien

The Anguish of Flames by Kathleen O’Brien

turning plows by Mark McBride

A Valediction for My Father by Jonathan Williams

Untitled by Mark Sablow

Artificial Portrait by Kevin Christenson

Untitled by Latrell Mickler

Untitled by Kevin Christenson

Galvanistic Ascension by Mark Grisham

Power Surge by Mark Grisham

Untitled by Lori Kirsbaum


PenQuest was designed to provide a showcase for student creativity in the fields of literature and graphic arts. The journal published contemporary fiction, poetry and visual arts submitted by the students, faculty and friends of the University of North Florida. PenQuest was published by Douglas Printing Co., Inc. Jacksonville, Florida. Editors: Mark McBride, Deborah Shatney, Kathleen O’Brien, Literary Advisor: William Slaughter, Graphics Advisor: David Porter