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Publication Date

Fall 1981


Table of Contents for this Volume:

Untitled by Julie Ambrose

Night by Judith Gallo

Untitled by Judy Gozdur

the shamans by Charles Riddles

Untitled by Jerry Connell

Untitled by Laura Woods

Untitled by LEMA

Wicked Bird by Laura Jo Last

Untitled by Rick Dentos

Untitled by Jeni Moody

Untitled by Bettie W. Kwibs

Untitled by Joann Stagg

The Protector Stood by Laura Jo Last

Visions of Salome by Charles Riddles

Untitled by Thomas Tutten

Kennesaw Line by Don Ova-Dunaway

Stone Blood by Mary Ellen C. Wofford

Untitled by Roger Whitt Jr.

Untitled by C. Wingate

Untitled by Doug Dorey

Untitled by Karen Blumberg

Untitled by Beverly Oviatt

Untitled by Virginia Shrader

The Crapulous Credo of Charles C. by Charles Riddles

the brave and the true by David Reed

Untitled by Charles Gutierrez

Canoe Creek by Patricia Kraft

Untitled by Linda Bobinger

The Man in the Iron Lung by Patricia Kraft

Untitled by Roger Whitt, Jr.

Childish Things by Kathleen Gay

Untitled by Joseph Avanzini

The Lover by Mary S. Aken

Untitled by Ann Harrington

And He Taketh Away by David Reed

Untitled by Mary Graham

Untitled by Melody A. Cummons

Untitled by Karen Blumberg

To The Poets by Judith Gallo

Untitled by Ann Harrington


PenQuest was designed to provide a showcase for student creativity in the fields of literature and graphic arts. The journal published contemporary fiction, poetry and visual arts submitted by the students, faculty and friends of the University of North Florida. PenQuest was published by an unknown printer in Jacksonville, Florida. Editor: Charles Riddles, Short Fiction Editor: David Reed, Production Manager: Laura Jo Last, Literary Advisor: Dr. E. Allen Tilley, Graphics Advisor: Robert Cocanougher, Editorial Assistant: Susan Reed