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Table of Contents for this Volume:

Untitled by Janet Collins

Untitled by Judy Gozdur

Last Hour of Light by Susan Reed

Untitled by Judy Godzur

Untitled by Rick Wagner

Untitled by Carol Groover

Untitled by R. Wagner

Only in the Portico by Linda Banicki

Untitled by Helen Hagadorn

Private Place, Pubic Place by David Reed

Untitled by Tammy Hutchinson

Untitled by Tammy Hutchinson

Madison Knights by Susan Reed

Untitled by Sissy Crabtree

The Price by Sandra Coleman

Untitled by Ann Harrington

Invasion of Privacy by Mark Touchton

Untitled by Bruce Warner

Untitled by Tom Schifanella

Untitled by Tammy Hutchinson

Bloodwork by Laura Jo Last

Untitled by David Whitsett

Burial Instructions by Bill Slaughter

Untitled by S. Trevett

PenQuest Interview: Joe Haldeman by David Reed

Her Name Came from the Sea by Richard L. Ewart

Untitled by V. Williams

In the Woodshed by R. E. Mallery

Untitled by Modesta Matthews

Untitled by David Olson

Illumination by E. Allen Tilley

Untitled by Joseph Avanzini

Everywoman by Laura Jo Last

Untitled by Beth Goeckel

Believe Me by Donna Kaluzniak

Untitled by Judy Gozdur

Untitled by Judy Gozdur

Unicorn by David Reed

Untitled by Susan Reed

untitled by Paul Cramer

Unititled by Lucinda Halsema

The Violin by Richard L. Ewart

Untitled by Maria Barry

Untitled by Roger Whitt Jr.

Haiku by Lori Nasrallah

Rhymer’s Revolt by R. E. Mallery

Untitled by Valerie Williams


PenQuest was designed to provide a showcase for student creativity in the fields of literature and graphic arts. The journal published contemporary fiction, poetry and visual arts submitted by the students, faculty and friends of the University of North Florida. PenQuest was published by Financial Printing Inc., Editor: David Reed, Assistant Editor: Susan Reed, Poetry Editor: Laura Jo Last, Literary Advisors: Bill Slaughter, E. Allen Tilley, Graphic Designer: Linda Willcox, Design Staff: Ann Harrington, Judy Gozdur, Maria Barry, Valerie Williams, Graphics Advisor: Robert Cocanougher