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Publication Date

Spring 1983


The Table of Contents for this Volume:

Untitled by R. Bruce Warner

Seeing the Unseen by Sharon Gresham

Untitled by Helen Hagadorn

Untitled by Steve Balunan

Happy Holidays by Donna Kaluzniak

River-walking, Night-talking by William Slaughter

Ribbon of Light by Judith Mizrahi

Love in Parentheses by Sharon Gresham

Untitled by Steve Balunan

Protohistory by Patricia Kraft

Untitled by Bruce Abbey

Untitled by Rick Wagner

Thanatopsis by Pat Kraft

Untitled by Sue Hightower

Untitled by Rick Wagner

Conversations of a Woman by Sharon Gresham

Thur, Fri, Sat, at Mr. B's by Patricia Kraft

Untitled by Rick Wagner

Untitled by Cindy Carlisle

Untitled by Win Lyons

Untitled by Cindy Carlisle

Untitled by Modesta Matthews

Untitled by James Tutten

A Light at Mill Pond Crossing by Joe Palmer

Untitled by Rick Wagner

Two People by Kathleen Gay

Untitled by Rick Wagner

American Dream (Russian Version) by William Slaughter

Untitled by Judith Mizrahi

Untitled by Linda Willcox


PenQuest was designed to provide a showcase for student creativity in the fields of literature and graphic arts. The journal published contemporary fiction, poetry and visual arts submitted by the students, faculty and friends of the University of North Florida. PenQuest was published by Brut Printing, Jacksonville, Florida. Editor: Judith Williamson, Assistant Editor: Joe Palmer, Graphic Designer: Linda Willcox, Literary Advisor: William Slaughter, Graphics Advisors: Robert Cocanougher, Paul Karabinis, Paul Ladnier, Dave Porter