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Publication Date

Fall 1984


Table of Contents for this Volume:

Poetry by Brad Ross

Untitled by Bruce Abbey

it's back by Leslie M. Brown

De-thinging the Thingumbob by Michael R. McMahon

Untitled by Mark Davis

Fractures by Peggy De Broux

Until I Knew by Lori Loper

Untitled by Mark Davis

The Local Art of Darkness by Michael R. McMahon

Home by Peggy de Broux

Untitled by Bruce Abbey

Hooked by Robert M. Hart

Parable of the Balloon (Demonstrated by the Poet to his Dog) by Michael R. McMahon

Flight by Brad Ross

The Stucco Room by Peggy de Broux

Growing Up In America by E. R. Sukovich

I Hear Them Scratching by Brad Ross

It's In The Bag by Susan Torode

Untitled by Mark Davis

Lawrence at Seventeen Coming Home by Brad Ross

Untitled by Brad Ross

Jere's Antiques by Susan Torode

Untitled by Bruce Abbey

Simpson's, for lunch, of course by Joni E. Dooley

Untitled by Mark Davis

Moments For an autobiography by Jocelyn W. Griffo

Untitled by Bruce Abbey


PenQuest was designed to provide a showcase for student creativity in the fields of literature and graphic arts. The journal published contemporary fiction, poetry and visual arts submitted by the students, faculty and friends of the University of North Florida. PenQuest was published by Progressive Printing Co., Inc. Jacksonville, Florida. Editor: Jocelyn W. Griffo, Assistant Editors: Donna Bellamy, Peggy de Broux, Michael R. McMahon, Literary Advisor: William Slaughter, Graphic Designer: Linda Wilcox