Pre[serve] Art Exhibitions

The Pre[serve] Art Exhibition is a student and alumni juried exhibition featuring works inspired by Sawmill Slough Preserve, a 382-acre nature preserve located on the UNF campus. The Sawmill Slough Preserve has been a focal point of campus life since the university's founding, and students have played an integral role in its preservation. This art show continues that tradition encouraging artists to venture into the Sawmill Slough Preserve to find inspiration. The works are displayed in an on-campus exhibition as a way to highlight the importance of conservation. In addition to the exhibition, there are a series of workshops that are meant to educate students about artistic techniques and the native flora and fauna found in the Sawmill Slough Preserve.

Pre[serve] is an academic collaboration between the Environmental Center, Department of Art and Design, Gallery of Art and Lufrano Intercultural Gallery. Support for this program was provided by the Cummer Family Foundation.


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2016 Pre[serve] Art Exhibition

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