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11:00 AM - April 14, 1975 - Tallahassee, Florida - Edna Saffy, Coordinator - Margaret Barovich, Coordinator.

The program includes ERA songs : Chant by Edna Saffy "What do we Want?...ERA! When do we want it? ...Now!", Fight For Your Rights (to the tune of Row, Row, Row your Boat) Words by Alyce McAdam, Fight for the Equal Rights Amendment ( to the tune of I've Been Working on the Railroad) Words by Jeanette Blevins, and Move On Over (Battle Hymn of Women) - A song from the Memphis Regional Conference by Meredith Tax.

Also included: Parade Organization - a list of coordinators, list of Sponsors of the ERA in the Florida Legislature Senate and House, Program, Contributors and Map of the Parade Route -- Stage Manager: Robin Gold. Inscription: Judy Sylaton (?) Chair-one of the Board. Inscription: Dorothy Haener NOW Founder.



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