from 2010

Economics Signs, Maureen Longo Tuccelli

from 2008

Oh See, Can You Say?, Maureen Longo Tuccelli

Oh See, Can You See?, Maureen Longo Tuccelli

from 2002

Catholic Liturgical Signs, Maureen Ann Longo

Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, Maureen Ann Longo

Conceptual Accuracy in Idioms, Marietta Patchin

Languishing in a Linear Language is Lethal: How to "Think" in ASL, Maureen Longo Tuccelli

Patriotic Songs in ASL and Signed English, Maureen Longo Tuccelli

On Fire with Classifiers, Michael Tuccelli

from 2001

Jump Start to Sign Language, Maureen Ann Longo

from 1999

American Government Vocabulary, Maureen Longo Tuccelli

Coffee Break Sign Language Lessons 1-5, Michael Tuccelli

Coffee Break Sign Language Lessons 6-10, Michael Tuccelli

from 1998

Receptive Number Practice, Michael Tuccelli

from 1996

Conceptual Accuracy in Religious Signing, Michael Tuccelli