City and Regional Planning -- Florida

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Hillsborough County's future physical growth will be built upon the base comprised of the existing development pattern : (a) Although the geographic location of Hillsborough is unalterable, man-made improvements to the natural setting are required to adapt the land form to present and future functions. Large scale drainage and hurricane protection improvements are essential to adequately adapt low- lying coastal sections to the expanding pattern of community development. (b) Protection and proper utilization of prime agricultural, phosphate mining, and waterfront areas is also essential to the maintenance of a balanced development pattern. (c) Community development occupies a relatively small proportion of the county's land area in comparison to agricultural areas; however, approximately 02 percent of the total population is contained within these areas. Present community development patterns are essentially the result of uncoordinated individual public and private decisions and actions made over the past 1-10 years without benefit of any effective planning.