City and Regional Planning -- Florida

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Orlando, Florida

Comprehensive city plan, Orlando, Florida. Prepared by George W. Simons, Jr. [Jacksonville, Fla. : Simons], 1959. 3 v. -- v. 2. The neighborhood plan, parks and recreation, schools, housing.

SIM036PA.pdf (1418 kB)
Philip W. Pitts Letter to George W. Simons Jr Regarding Orlando Housing Code

SIM037PA.pdf (706 kB)
Philip W. Pitts Letter to George W. Simons Jr. Regarding Orlando Housing Survey

SIM038PA.pdf (321 kB)
Suggestions for Changes or Questions Concerning Proposed Orlando Minimum Housing Ordinance

SIM039PA.pdf (10065 kB)
Tentative Minimum Housing Standards Ordinance for the City of Orlando, Florida

SIM040PA.pdf (547 kB)
Objection to Section 10 of Tentative Orlando Housing Ordinance

SIM041PA.pdf (707 kB)
Changes Suggested for the Orlando Minimum Housing Ordinance