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A five year Short Range Development Plan was prepared simultaneously with and as the basis for Jacksonville's Capital Outlay Program (COP). Background studies for the Plan included land use and structural surveys, population and dwelling unit projections, zoning change and site plan approval trends, land use assignment criteria, and environmental and capital improvement needs criteria. A land use plan adequate to serve projected growth was prepared. The Transportation Plan reflects the latest transportation studies for the City including proposals for a fixed guide way, express bus and local bus systems. All additional community facility and utility needs for projected 1980 growth were identified, and together with Transportation proposals, became the nucleus of the capital improvements and priorities recommended in the COP. All of the planning work was assisted and reviewed periodically by two ongoing committees. A Citizens Advisory Committee was established in each of six planning subareas consisting of civic group representatives and interested citizens. A second review committee, the Technical Coordinating Committee, consisted of representatives of City departments and agencies. Implementation of the program recommendations would be primarily via the Capital Outlay Program. Other implementation recommendations had to do with revised codes and ordinances, an official map, special future studies and other measures.

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