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Contains photographs and descriptions of visual poetry installations by Clark Lunberry, Professor of English at the University of North Florida. The installations originated at the University of North Florida's Thomas G. Carpenter Library and expanded to various locations around the world.

Contents: Writing on water, Writing on air: seeing in time, reading in motion -- Water on water, March 2007 -- Murmur of words, April 2008 -- Floating form less, November 2009 -- Sensation: water/trees/sky, March 2011 -- No such thing, March 2012 -- Bodies of water, March 2014 -- The uncomprehending window (Paris, France), March 2010 -- Providing positioning (Durham, England), September 2010-- Crossing over (Hiroshima, Japan), July 2011 -- Neither here nor there (Toronto, Canada), March 2012 -- In one ear & out the other (Paris, France), September 2012 -- A scene of sight (Palo Alto, California) -- Sound of water (Tokyo, Japan), July 2015 -- And then the windows failed (Paris, France), June 2016.


Photography: Michael Boyles, Clark Lunberry, David Wilson, UNF Marketing and Publications; Graphic design: Michael Boyles; Editors: Michael Boyles, Lisandra Carmichael, Thomas Caswell, Susan Massey, Courtenay McLeland, Isabel Pease.

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