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Seminole, Hotel, Jacksonville, Fla.

Cocktail menu: Cocktail Lounge The Seminole. Garnett Andrews, Manager.


A Cocktail Menu from the Seminole, Jacksonville’s Leading Hotel, Garnett Andrews, Manager in Jacksonville, Florida. The menu includes a brief history of Osceola, one of Florida’s most picturesque and outstanding historical characters. It also gives a description of some of the amenities offered at The Seminole: combination tub and shower bath, radio, electric ceiling fan, slat door for summer ventilation, comfortable beds with inner springs and individual reading lamps in every room. J.B. Pound President. Other hotels owned by J.B. Pound included the Hotel DeSoto in Savannah, Georgia and Hotel Patten in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Seminole was located on the corner of Forsyth and Hogan Streets in Downtown Jacksonville. The cocktail menu includes a listing of all drinks and prices. Specials made under the personal supervision of T.C. Ybanez



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