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Ponte Vedra Club, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Brochure: Membership Information, January, 1948.


A brochure for the Ponte Vedra Club, it describes membership information including the meaning of membership, facilities advantages, membership classifications- Class A: not exceeding nine in number and are selected by the Owner – they have the right to vote and Class B: all member who are not Class A and they have no voting rights, membership privileges, accommodations and membership dues. The pamphlet also explains how to apply for membership and make reservations. Accommodations at Ponte Vedra Beach were only available to members and properly introduced guests. Reservations at The Inn or The Innlet available through a travel agent or William P. Wolfe Organization, 500 Fifth Avenue, New York City, telephone number – Longacre 5-1114 or write or wire The Inn, telephone number 2121, or The Innlet, telephone number 2251, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

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