Transformation of an On-campus Course to an On-demand Course and Assessment

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The category for this paper is Evidence-based Practice. In our university in the summer 2020 term, on-campus courses were changed to the remote instruction modality in response to the pandemic. Our university offered different options for conducting remote instruction either synchronized with the original course schedule or asynchronously. In response to the different needs of the students in that period of public health crisis, we tried an on-demand approach in our summer course Control of Machinery. In this approach, education was delivered through video lectures prepared weekly and stored in Canvas Studio that could be streamed to the students on demand. The students could either view these lectures during the class time in the course schedule or at some other time workable for them in the same week. Offering such flexibility could avoid the potential conflicts between the original class schedule and students' altered schedules during the public health emergency period. The video lectures were prepared using a versatile note-taking app S Note that supports integration of multimedia files. The app runs on an Android tablet. The lectures presented on the tablet were recorded by a screen recording app x-Recorder in the mp4 format that can be streamed online. Examination scores in the on-demand course were compared with those in the previous offering on campus. The scores of the on-demand course were not less than those of the on-campus course. Students evaluated the on-demand course regarding the communication of ideas and information, explanation of complex concepts and ideas, stimulation of critical and creative thinking, and whether the course was challenging. The student evaluation results were higher in the on-demand approach than in the previous offering on-campus.

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