From HIS 4936/5934
Fall, 2010
Dr. Charles Closmann


Submissions from 2010


Bob and Kae Andry, Bob Andry, Kae Andry, Chris Brooks, and Clayton Galloway


Neil A. Armingeon, Neil A. Armingeon and Katie Tofano

Sarah Bailey, Sarah Bailey and Robert Bauwens


Roger Bass, Roger Bass, Arthur Bednar, and Charles Closmann

Linda Bremer, Linda Bremer and Amy Glover

John Burnett, John Burnett and Sandra Wheeler

David Girardin, David Girardin and John Wilson

Lee Goodnight, Lee Goodnight and Jasmine Stanley

Susan Grandin, Susan Grandin and Wesley Berninger

Pat Harden, Pat Harden and Caleb Fontanez


Robert Knight, Robert Knight and Margaret Devore


Ron Littlepage, Ron Littlepage and Robert McDermott

Mark Middlebrook, Mark Middlebrook and Wesley Berninger

Craig Morris, Craig Morris and Jonathan Obi

Bruce Mozert, Bruce Mozert, Karen Rhodes, and Todd Winston

Jimmy Orth, Jimmy Orth and Arthur Bednar


Frankie Pacetti, E.J. Pacetti and Sandie Stratton, Frankie Pacetti, E.J. Pacetti, Sandie Stratton, Jennifer Warren, and Melissa Williams

Cheryl Propst, Cheryl Propst and Lindsay Hadden


Vince Seibold, Vince Seibold