Correlations of Static, Dynamic, and Physical Properties to the Weathering State of Ocala Limestone





Paper Type

Master's Thesis


College of Computing, Engineering & Construction

Degree Name

Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)



First Advisor

Dr. Nick Hudyma

Second Advisor

Dr. Alexandra Schonning

Third Advisor

Dr. Stephen Nix

Fifth Advisor

Dr. Dennis Hiltunen

Department Chair

Dr. Daniel Cox

College Dean

Dr. Peter A. Braza


It is well established that weathering has a negative effect on engineering properties of rock. The objective of this thesis is to establish the relationships between physical, static, and dynamic properties of limestone in terms of weathering. Ocala limestone specimens were classified according to weathering state and tested. Classification was conducted using ISRM weathering designations, dynamic testing was conducted using free-free resonant column testing, and static testing was conducted using unconfined compression testing. From the classification process, it was found that two distinct groups of limestone specimens exist: specimens that can be classified using ISRM weathering designations and specimens that are differentially weathered which can not be classified using ISRM methods. These specimens are termed differentially weathered limestone. For both of these groups of specimens, the physical, static, and dynamic properties were obtained. For the specimens classified using ISRM weathering states the physical, static, and dynamic properties were related to weathering. Good to excellent correlations between physical, static, and dynamic properties were obtained for these specimens classified using the ISRM weathering designations. For the differentially weathered limestone specimens, a high degree of scatter was observed in the correlations between physical, static, and dynamic properties.

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