Paper Type

Master's Thesis


College of Education and Human Services

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Dr. Roy Singleton, Jr.

Second Advisor

Dr. Elinor A. Scheirer

Third Advisor

Dr. Mary L. Grimes


This study was conducted in response to the growing need for an alternative to traditional assessment instruments in schools. Standardized tests no longer adequately measure a student's knowledge. Curriculum and teaching methods continue to change, and educators are demanding an assessment method which reflects not only what, but how, a student learns. In response to America 2000, a national plan for school improvement, several states have already adopted more "authentic" methods of assessment, portfolio evaluation being one of the more common. The Florida Department of Education is currently considering various alternative assessment methods, and the implementation of a state portfolio program seems imminent. This project was designed to help those educators who are unfamiliar with the concept of portfolio assessment to implement a successful program. First, on the basis of a thorough review of the literature, concerns associated with portfolio assessment were identified. Then, specific strategies for addressing these issues were recommended, in order to offer a design for a manageable portfolio program.

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