Paper Type

Doctoral Dissertation


College of Education and Human Services

Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)


Leadership, School Counseling & Sport Management

NACO controlled Corporate Body

University of North Florida. Department of Leadership, School Counseling & Sports Management

First Advisor

Dr. Luke M. Cornelius

Second Advisor

Dr. Kristine Webb

Third Advisor

Dr. E. Newton Jackson Jr.

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Jeffrey E. Michelman

Department Chair

Dr. Chris Janson

College Dean

Dr. Marsha Lupi


This research determined the preferred project delivery method utilized by campus planners when building student housing on a university campus. Four key performance indicators were also evaluated to determine if they influenced the campus planner to select a particular project delivery method. The four key performance indicators were: owner input, cost, safety, and on-time completion. Campus planners identified though the Society for Campus and University Planners (SCUP), were invited to participate in this survey research method. Five research questions were explored in this study. They were:

1. What is the preferred project delivery method (PDM) when building a residence hall on a college campus?

2. Do key performance indicators influence a campus planner’s choice of preferred project delivery method?

3. Does the preferred project delivery method differ by the number of beds?

4. Does the preferred project delivery method differ geographically?

5. Does the preferred project delivery method differ between public and private institutions?

Based on the survey findings, analyzed using SPSS, sufficient information was garnered from the data to allow responses to the five research questions. In sum, there was a significant preference on the part of campus planners for the construction management at risk project delivery method when building student housing. This finding was consistent across regions and between public and private institutions. The design-bid-build project delivery method was the preferred approach when building student housing of less than 200 beds. Key performance indicators were shown to have little influence on the decision regarding which project delivery method to choose.