Paper Type

Doctoral Dissertation


College of Education and Human Services

Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)


Leadership, School Counseling & Sport Management

NACO controlled Corporate Body

University of North Florida. Department of Leadership, School Counseling & Sports Management

First Advisor

Dr. Anne K. Swanson

Second Advisor

Dr. Hope E. Wilson

Third Advisor

Dr. Daniel Dinsmore

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Corey M Thayer

Department Chair

Dr. Elizabeth Gregg

College Dean

Dr. Diane Yendol-Hoppey


The purpose of this study is to examine the relation between the demographics of student and the artistic discipline of which they study at a dedicated magnet school located in the Southeastern United States as it pertains to their success on Advanced Placement (AP) exams. The literature has continually focused on several demographic indicators such as, race, gender, and socioeconomic status to examine the success on AP exams. However, there is very little research on the role that an artistic education plays as in the successful completion of an AP exam. This study examines whether there is an increase in the participation of AP courses as a result of a particular artistic discipline or not, and furthermore whether there is an increased pass rate for students on AP exams when the specific artistic disciplines are examined. For this study race and gender were examined as the socioeconomic status data was unavailable. Comparison studies were completed for the local dedicated magnet school of the arts against race and gender data acquired from the College Board. This information was then compared across the artistic disciplines looking for trends in participation and successful passing of the AP exams to determine if there is a relationship between race, gender, and artistic discipline and the success on AP exams.