Paper Type

Doctoral Dissertation


College of Education and Human Services

Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)


Leadership, School Counseling & Sport Management

NACO controlled Corporate Body

University of North Florida. Department of Leadership, School Counseling & Sports Management

First Advisor

Dr. Janice Seabrooks-Blackmore

Second Advisor

Dr. Kristine Webb

Rights Statement

Third Advisor

Dr. Elizabeth Gregg

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Renee Akbar

Department Chair

Dr. Elizabeth Gregg

College Dean

Dr. Diane Yendol-Hoppey


This qualitative case study explored the perceptions of two individuals with intellectual disabilities who participated in a person-centered physical training program that identified factors of motivation and influences on self-determined physical choices. The findings of this study revealed five factors that seemed to motivate participants to exercise; (a) enjoyable activities, (b) personalized program, (c) exercises that promoted health and positive self-images, (d) exercise routines that were familiar and safe, and (e) an exercise partnership with the trainer. Considering these factors of motivation, community leaders, administrators, and practitioners may promote self-determination and ultimately, impact participation by individuals with intellectual disabilities. Additionally, this study found that motivation is an essential component within the development and implementation of physical training programs among this particular population. Findings from this study align with findings from previous studies in physical activity research that examined the relationship between individuals with intellectual disabilities, their motivation, and physical training program participation. Implications for future research are discussed.