Showcase of Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activity

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Faculty Research presented April 4, 2019

Ain’t She a Woman? How Warmth and Competence Stereotypes about Women and Female Politicians Contribute to the Warmth and Competence Traits Ascribed to Individual Female Politicians

Elizabeth Brown, University of North Florida
Curtis E. Phills, University of North Florida
Dominic G. Mercurio
Matthew Olah
Candice J. Veilleux, University of North Florida

Confucian Role Ethics: Issues of Naming, Translation, and Interpretation

Sarah Mattice

Cops & No Counselors: How the Lack of School Mental Health Staff Is Harming Students

Angela Mann
Amir Whitaker
Sylvia Torres-Gullien
Michelle Morton
Harold Jordan
Stefanie Coyle
Wei-Lung Sun

Disarticulation and the Crisis of Neoliberalism in the United States

David Jaffee, UNF

Florida Science: The Science that Makes Florida Different

Terence W. Cavanaugh, University of North Florida

Golden Door

Sheila Goloborotko, University of North Florida
Vanessa B. Cruz, University of North Florida

Harold Jones; Interpretation of Big Band Swing Drumming

Danny Gottlieb, University of North Florida

Healthcare in Motion: Immobilities in Health Service Delivery and Access

Anne Pfister

Healthy Living Toolkit

Kristen K. Hicks-Roof, University of North Florida

MAGIC and Fermi-LAT gamma-ray results on unassociated HAWC sources

John Hewitt

Neoliberal urbanism as ‘Strategic Coupling’ to global chains: Port infrastructure and the role of economic impact studies

David Jaffee, UNF

Predicament & Pilgrimage: Hearing Families of Deaf Children in Mexico City

Anne Pfister

Rhetoric at the University of Chicago

James Beasley, University of North Florida

Second-harmonic generation from hyperbolic plasmonic nanorod metamaterial slab

Gregory Wurtz


Stephen Heywood

“The Current Crisis of US Neoliberal Capitalism and Prospects for a New ‘Social Structure of Accumulation’.”

David Jaffee, UNF

The IUPAC Gold Book website

Stuart J. Chalk, University of North Florida

VERITAS and Fermi-LAT Observations of TeV Gamma-Ray Sources Discovered by HAWC in the 2HWC Catalog

John Hewitt