Florida Public Health Review


The older adult population of the United States is growing rapidly. For 40 years Florida has remained the state with the highest percentage of older adults and has experienced robust growth. It may be a model for other states that will witness an increase in their own older adult populations. This article provides links to publicly available, free interactive Web-based maps developed by the University of South Florida displaying colorful maps depicting projected older adult population growth in Florida from 2010 to 2040 at the county level, stratified by sex, race, and ethnicity, and with options for focusing on 65+ and 85 + populations. These are intended as resources for state and local governments, businesses, and others interested in planning for the needs and opportunities of an aging society. We provide examples of how these visual projections can be useful, and encourage others to use this free resource. The maps offer valuable tools for communities that want to examine and plan for their own growing aging citizenry. An aging society will provide both challenges and many economic and social opportunities for which community leaders and businesses can proactively and creatively plan.