Florida Public Health Review

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Customer service is a measure of support and courtesy provided to individuals who patronize an organization, and is a factor vital to the success of any business. Programs that strive to meet critical needs of at risk populations, such as the Special Supplementation Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), may also benefit from assessment of client satisfaction. The purpose of the study was to examine factors related to customer satisfaction in Duval County Florida WIC clinics and identify potential barriers to participation through a two-year project initiated by the health department and the state university. The study examined appointment wait time, duration of appointment, the preferred time of day and day of the week for appointment scheduling, and customer service practices in WIC clinics from the perspective of WIC participants. Results suggest that most WIC participants served by the Duval County Health Department were satisfied; however, three areas exist for improvement. The most salient issue reported by clients was duration of appointment wait time, continued improved customer service, and to a lesser extent improvement in the physical environment. Clients provided suggestions for improvement related to each of these areas.