Florida Public Health Review

Publication Date

February 2011


Since publishing our critique of red light camera (RLC) studies in 2008, we have gained increased insights on the controversy over RLCs. Herein we provide additional information on RLCs, and use a question-and-answer format to address frequently asked questions. This update includes the rationale given for ignoring fatalities at RLC sites, the convergence in findings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's compendium of best RLC studies, common violations of research methods in RLC evaluations, the RLC cost-to-benefit implications for motorists, an explanation for the increase in rear-end crashes at RLC sites, and why RLCs may be ineffective in reducing red light running crashes. We conclude with a proposed solution: restoring and improving federal standards through the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices to assure proper intersection engineering prior to consideration of RLCs (even though RLCs are not recognized as an established safety device).