Florida Public Health Review

Publication Date

June 2011


Rising obesity rates increase the potential for many chronic diseases and lower quality of life. Strong leadership in the practice ofnutrition awareness and knowledge needs to be established to reduce obesity in the state ofFlorida. Most Americans do not eat the recommended daily amounts offruits and vegetables, which partially accounts for increased obesity rates. Interventions that raise nutritional knowledge and awareness may increase fruit and vegetable intake and lower fat intake. Having nutritional knowledge is the first step to living a healthy lifestyle with a healthy weight. Changes in policy like requiring restaurants to report calorie and fat contents offood help individuals make healthier choices when selecting food. Furthermore, banning trans-fats in restaurants would heighten Florida citizens’ awareness of the potential harms of trans-fats and reduce total consumption oftrans-fats. These changes would be steps in the right direction towards meeting Healthy People 2010 objectives concerning obesity in America.