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This poster was presented at UNF STARS 2023 to share our research based on data from Project InTERSECT teachers’ classroom videos (and teacher reflections), focusing on showcasing equitable integrated STEM instructional practices. As the instructional process is undergirded by a myriad of psychological processes, a focus on integrated STEM instructional practices can provide better understanding about the facilitation of students’ learning experiences. Our research examines teachers’ integrated STEM instructional practices for fostering student motivation for learning in urban, Title I elementary schools through need supportive teaching and culturally responsive pedagogy frameworks. The observations of teachers’ integrated STEM classroom instruction yielded three key themes: provisions of guidelines and various materials, tactfully posing thought-provoking questions and statements, and encouraging collaborative problem-solving between students. Our research enhances the understanding of motivational processes in urban schools with implications for educators to positively contribute to elementary students’ motivation.

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Equity; Culturally responsive teaching; Need supportive teaching; Motivation; Classroom practices


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Scholarship of Teaching and Learning | Teacher Education and Professional Development

UNF STARS 2023 Poster Presentation: “Fostering Student Motivation in Urban Title I Elementary Schools: Integrated STEM for Equitable Learning Experiences”