Big data analytics and machine learning: A retrospective overview and bibliometric analysis

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The research and practice of information systems have progressed by leaps and bounds due to the emergence of big data analytics and machine learning. The paper undertakes a bibliometric study to analyze the contributions of major authors, universities/organizations, and countries in terms of productivity, citations, and bibliographic coupling. A sample of 2160 articles from the Scopus for the period 2006–2020 is the basis of the study. The publications are grouped into five clusters, of which Cluster 1 is consistently dominant in the information systems publication landscape. Cluster 2 includes published studies on the Internet of Things, security, and cloud computing, which have also been widely researched. Cluster 3, the third-largest cluster, has attempted to investigate social media analytics. Cluster 4 aims to look into the impact of classification and predictive, which is found to have sustained research interest. Topics with scant coverage in terms of papers are primarily in Cluster 5, indicating saturation in the area and the need for conducting inter-disciplinary studies. The results of our study provide valuable insights for potential contributors and global audiences in terms of emerging topics for research.

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Expert Systems with Applications



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