ETDs in ProQuest and the institutional repository: A descriptive study of the current workflows available for dual online submission

Marielle Veve, University of North Florida


The following study used primary and secondary data sources to identify and describe the current workflows available for the dual online submission1 of graduate electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) into the institutional repository (IR) and the ProQuest system. The main objective of the study is to provide a comprehensive examination of these workflows and to describe their characteristics and capabilities to manage the different aspects and stages of the ETD submittal cycle, from online deposit to publication and distribution. Workflow aspects discussed in this study include: ETD review process, metadata management, publishing options and access restrictions, consent agreements, embargo control, payments and fees, preservation, options to opt-out from ProQuest submission, and turnaround time for the ETDs to display in the systems, among others. Interoperability aspects between ProQuest and the IR systems, in addition to issues encountered with the workflows, are also discussed. Institutions looking for practical decision-making information on ETD workflows and processes could derive much benefit from this study.