Providing professional learning opportunities using case studies

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Case studies on critical issues related to meeting the needs of gifted and talented students and differentiating instruction can be used in a variety of professional development settings as a vehicle to promote ideas and evaluate policies and procedures for improved services for gifted and advanced learners. Case studies are learning scenarios mirroring real-world problems that end in a dilemma, thus engaging the reader in a reflective analysis of teaching and learning. Case studies that focus on instructional strategies-and in particular on differentiated instruction, identification, and service models-are useful for classroom educators and school leaders tasked with creating an infrastructure that supports gifted, highly able learners. Change in delivery of services for gifted and talented students from once-a-week pull-out classes to in-class cluster grouping requires longterm, in-depth professional development to ensure appropriate services for students. The campuses in University School District can be divided into categories that range from meeting needs of all learners to meeting needs of struggling learners.

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Best Practices in Professional Learning and Teacher Preparation: Methods and Strategies for Gifted Professional Development: Vol. 1

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