Controlled Dimerization of Mn12 Single-Molecule Magnets

Taylor A. Jenkins, University of North Florida
Martin Garnero, University of North Florida
Sergio A. Corrales, University of North Florida
Eric R. Williams, University of North Florida
Andrew M. Mowson, University of Florida
Andrew Ozarowski, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
George Christou, University of Florida
Christos Lampropoulos, University of North Florida


Controlled dimerization of Mn12 single-molecule magnets (SMMs) was achieved via a synthetic route involving a competition between bridging and terminal ligands, namely, diols and alcohols. The reaction using a 1:1 ratio of the competing ligands resulted in the isolation of a new family of covalently linked dimers of Mn12 SMMs. This is the first step toward the controlled growth of SMM oligomeric arrays.