Review on the prevalence of diabetes and risk factors and situation of disease management in floating population in China

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Objective: To give a comprehensive and basic understanding of diabetes and its risk factors in floating people in China. Method: We use "(diabetes or type 2 diabetes or chronic disease) and (floating population or employed floating population)" as the key words to search in the China academic literature database (CNKI), Wan Fang database, PubMed and Web of Science for relevant literature and extract the data about the prevalence of diabetes, relevant risk factors and disease management of the floating population in China. Result: Twenty-one literatures are entered into analysis finally, one is English and the rest are Chinese. According to the national survey, the prevalence rate of diabetes in floating population in China was 5. 1% (95%CI, 4.9% - 5.3%), which is lower than that of the general population(11.6%,95%CI, 11.3%–11.8%),and is consistent with the results of the local surveys. The comparison result between the prevalence of floating population and that of local population in each region differs in local surveys. In addition, the prevalence of male floating population is lower than that of the female population. Finally, as the age of the population rises, so does the prevalence of diabetes. As for the risk factors of chronical diseases, the overweight rate in every region is similar but the obesity rate differs in different regions (Ningxia,26.0%;Xiangshan,14.0%), and the obesity rate of the floating population is less than half of that of the general people(4.7%,11.9%). The awareness rate, treatment rate and control rate in the floating patients differ in the regional researches, but they all can’t meet the goals set by the local health departments. Conclusion: Compared with the general population, the prevalence of diabetes in the floating population are lower. However, Considering the growing population number and the poor disease management of the floating patients, the potential threat brought by the diabetes in floating population is imponderable. The government should establish the national surveillance system of diabetes for the floating population, strengthen the construction of the primary medical institutions, and optimize the existing funding system.

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