Praxeological learning: Service-learning in teacher education

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With the most recent educational reform through the implementation of the Common Core Standards, Praxeological Learning: Service- Learning in Teacher Education can provide a fresh look at educational transformation through the lens of service-learning in teacher preparation. As Butin (2003) referenced over a decade ago, “service-learning rejects the banking model of education, where the transferences of information from knowledgeable teachers to passive students is conducted in 45-min increments. It subverts the notion of classroom as graveyard - rows and rows of silent bodies - for an active pedagogy committed to connecting theory and practice, schools and community, the cognitive and the ethical,” The pedagogy of service-learning has significant implications for teacher education. Its transformative aspects have far reaching potential to address teacher candidate dispositions and provide deeper understanding of social justice. Knowledge of the pedagogy and how to implement it in candidates’ future classrooms and in the community could modify education to a more powerful experience of democracy in action and enhance the civic mission of schools. The current and ongoing research found within this textbook is meant to continue supporting the notion of educational reform. (Imprint: Nova)

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Praxeological Learning: Service-Learning in Teacher Education

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