Health beliefs regarding latent tuberculosis among ethnic groups in Northeast Florida

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To compare health beliefs regarding latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) in the United States-born (USB) versus Foreign-born (FB) population. Methods. Families of children seeking LTBI treatment at our clinics completed a questionnaire. 40 USB and 48 FB respondents participated. Results were organized according to the Health Belief Model. Belief in the threat/existence of the disease: FB were less likely to believe in LTBI but more likely to believe in a TB cure, more likely to have heard of BCG, to believe it protects from TB and causes a positive skin test. Belief in the effectiveness of the treatment: USB were more likely to understand reasons for lengthy treatment and resistance risks with partial treatment. Factors that may hinder or support compliance: FB were more likely to favor a joint family decision to take medication. FB in NE Florida have significantly different health beliefs. Addressing these may improve adherence.

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AIDS and Tuberculosis: Public Health Aspects

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