Decision-Making Guidance for the Optimal Selection of Culvert Renewal Methods

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A variety of trenchless techniques are becoming popular for renewing culvert structures, but their suitability, cost, design life, construction, and environmental and societal footprint vary widely. The selection of the optimal culvert renewal method can be an overwhelming process for transportation agencies, thereby warranting a user-friendly guidance tool. This study describes the culvert renewal selection tool (CREST) that prescribes an optimal technique based on various host culvert characteristics and multiple selection criteria. The CREST tool comprises 12 renewal techniques that include open cut, pipe bursting, and a variety of grouting and pipe lining techniques. Performance synthesis of these techniques based on five criteria form the core of the CREST tool, which subsequently leverages the principles of the analytical hierarchy process for decision-making. The CREST model is demonstrated for application for reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) and corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culverts considering nonstructural, semistructural, and full-structural renewal categories. Monte Carlo simulation procedures are adopted for determining the user-defined criteria preferences for demonstration purposes. The CREST tool and the results of this study will provide primitive guidance to transportation agencies for choosing culvert renewal techniques.

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Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice





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