Anisotropic optical phonons in MOCVD grown Si-doped GaN/Sapphire epilayers

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Micro-Raman spectroscopy is employed to study the anisotropic optical phonons of Si-doped GaN/Sapphire epifilms grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition method. In an undoped 3.6 μm thick sample – our polarized Raman measurements in the backscattering geometry revealed major first order modes of GaN and sapphire. Careful analyses of the second-order Raman spectra using critical-point-phonons from a rigid-ion-model fitted inelastic X-ray spectroscopy data with appropriate selection rules helped us attain expedient data for the lattice dynamics of GaN. In Si-doped films, a modified phonon confinement model is used for simulating Raman line shapes of E2high phonons to monitor crystalline quality. While the optical phonons in lightly doped samples are coupled to electron plasma– at higher carrier concentration the over-damped A1(LO) mode vanished in the background. For each sample we assessed the transport parameters by simulating Raman profiles of A1(LO) line shape with contributions from plasmon-LO-phonon and Lorentzian shaped Eg sapphire mode. A realistic Green's function theory is adopted to study the vibrational modes of Si donors and Mg acceptors in GaN by including force constant changes estimated from lattice relaxations using first-principles bond-orbital model. Theoretical results of impurity-activated modes compared favorably well with the existing Raman scattering data.

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Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology



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