Doping dependent electronic and magnetic ordering in mixed-valent La1-x Srx MnO3thin films

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We have investigated the collective electronic and magnetic orderings of a series of La1-x Sr x MnO3 thin films grown epitaxially strained to (001) oriented strontium titanate substrates as a function of doping, x, for 0 = x = 0.4. We find that the ground states of these crystalline thin films are, in general, consistent with that observed in bulk crystals and thin film samples synthesized under a multitude of techniques. Our systematic study, however, reveal subtle features in the temperature dependent electronic transport and magnetization measurements, which presumably arise due to Jahn-Teller type distortions in the lattice for particular doping levels. For the parent compound LaMnO3 (x = 0), we report evidence of a strain-induced ferromagnetic ordering in contrast to the antiferromagnetic ground state found in bulk crystals.