Hourly weather data projection due to climate change for impact assessment on building and infrastructure

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The global climate change research has been conducted for a few years in various professional communities. In the building industry, researchers usually investigate the future building energy demands due to the climate change by simulation software. The input files to the simulation software includes projected weather data and building models. Although there exist a few mathematical methods to project the future weather, the morphing method is the most well-known among them. In the meantime, the simulation software and weather data are in a variety of formats depending on country of origin and/or simulation package. In order to provide both the research and the professional communities the possibility to undertake climate change impact assessments on buildings, coastal engineering and construction, land use and other related areas, this study develops the web-based application Weather Morph: Climate Change Weather File Generator accessible to generate the future weather data for more than 2100 locations throughout the world for all four IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change) emission scenarios in the three future time slices of the 2020s, 2050s and 2080s. The output of the application is projected future weather datasets in formats TMY2 and EPW for general use.

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Sustainable Cities and Society



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