Paper Type

Master's Thesis


College of Education and Human Services

Degree Name

Master of Education in Elementary Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Dr. Bill Herrold

Second Advisor

Dr. Donna Keenan

Third Advisor

Dr. James Mittelstadt


Listening is an integral part of our daily lives. There are many skills involved in listening that need to be taught to students, beginning at the kindergarten level. Students need to understand the importance of listening and the need to communicate with others. Our society has become so visual in the past twenty five years with new technology that many students are guilty of not being as attentive when listening is involved.

The purpose of this project is to examine the relationship between reading and listening and to develop a program to enhance listening skills in kindergarten, The Holt Basal Reading System, which is used in Clay County, Florida will be used in this study. A variety of listening skills and activities will be included.

This program was evaluated by two kindergarten teachers in Clay County. Both teachers rated the activities as motivating, effective, and useful.

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